She Was a Real Shamanic Princess on the XXX video

I was watching some adult movies and I liked the one that featured the shamanic princess who had this sexy ritual of dance, wine and trance before sex. The sex was wild and enchanting and I jerked off at it thousands of times. Actually, I watched it so many times and I started noticing things in the video. At first, I thought that the apartment seemed just like mine.

Then I noticed the window and the building across the street. Then it struck me! The video was made in one of the apartments in my building! That meant that the girl was somewhere near. I just moved there and I didn’t know anyone.

I asked around with my first neighbor and she told me that there is a girl in 5C that matches the description that I gave her. I went there, knocked on the door and there she was. The amazing princess of sex and magic was staring at me with her green eyes and long braid that was reaching her ass.

‘May I help you?’ she asked and I just stared at her for a couple of minutes.
‘I live on the first floor. I thought we might get to know each other better.’ I replied a bit clumsily.


She invited me in, although I wasn’t expecting that. I came in and we sat in her living room. After a glass of wine, I had to admit why I came to see her and how I know about her. She smiled at me and wasn’t offended at all. She asked me if I believed in magic while coming so near me that I could feel the warmth of her breath on my lips. She played the same music from the videoclip that I watched and I couldn’t believe my luck.

She started dancing and I just sat down on an armchair as I was mesmerized, staring at her body what was becoming naked. My dick got really hard as she came down on all four, with her braid falling on the side, looking me directly to my eyes, slowly approaching me like a cat.

Once she reached me, she unzipped my fly with her teeth without using her hands and tore my underpants with her teeth. She released my big, pulsating cock and took it in her mouth. During all that, she didn’t even touch it with her hands. She moved my dick with her lips and her tongue, sucking it in and out and actually jerking it off with her mouth. At any given time, she looked directly into my eyes.

I wanted this to last as long as possible, but it was beyond my control. This was different than what I saw on the shamanic princess videoclip, but it was even better.
My dick started to pulsate and she could feel that I was about to cum. She pulled my dick out of her mouth and supported it with her tongue, so that I came into the air and the jizz was overflowing my glans. She licked it all and cleaned it with her lips and tongue. That was definitely the most magical blowjob that I’ve ever had.